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The Europe India Gateway (EIG) is a new cable system designed for the 21st century to meet the needs of modern telecommunications companies; however it is just the most recent in an historic line of Europe India cable systems stretching back nearly 130 years.

The first direct, high-bandwidth optical-fibre undersea cable system from United Kingdom to India. The 700 Million USD Europe India Gateway (EIG) cable system is expected to significantly enhance capacity and diversity between the countries of three continents.

The EIG cable system. is a 15,000 kilometer international fibre optic submarine cable system that links the United Kingdom, Bude, with Gibraltar, Portugal, Monaco, France, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and India. EIG is the first high band-width (3.84 terabits per second) cable system using dense wavelength division multiplexing technology connecting the United Kingdom with India via the Mediterranean Sea.